Over the past 4 years AVA has discovered that well trained and managed youth volunteers can add value in many contexts: NGOs, micro enterprises and schools.

These are our current projects.

Work 4 Progress


Work 4 Progress

AVA’s core programme started in 2013 with a pilot programme placing 30 youth into a variety of NGOs.

Aimed at youth between the ages of 18-25 who have not yet managed to progress after school, AVA connects youth to full-time volunteering positions in a variety of NGOs. The volunteering is enriched by our unique orientation, training and self-development curriculum designed to encourage the volunteers to identify and strengthen their innate abilities while gaining valuable first-time working experience.

The curriculum focuses on the development of new basic skills and supports the volunteers in building the confidence they need to reap the full benefits of their experience.

In 2017 AVA partnered with a variety of small businesses that were willing to host 20 recruits. Recruits have been working full-time in the partner businesses, gaining new valuable skills and have started adding value to their host companies. The aim of the programme is to get small businesses to recognize the willingness of young people and the value they can add with a little guidance, patience and mentorship.

Besides the obvious benefits of gaining skills, experience and self-confidence, the AVA Work 4 Progress programme enables young people to identify future opportunities and advance their careers.


YearBeyond (YeBo) is a flagship youth development programme of the Western Cape Provincial Government, designed to improve educational outcomes in underperforming primary and high schools around the province.

AVA recruits and orientates bright and motivated young people as volunteers to tutor and mentor learners in school-based extramural programming, while simultaneously giving them the opportunity to build their personal profile through developmental activities.

YearBeyond is a partnership between the Western Cape departments of the Premier, Education, and Cultural Affairs and Sports. AVA piloted YearBeyond in 2014 with 20 volunteers in four schools on the Cape Flats and in 2015 we scaled up to 16 schools. In 2016 the programme expanded again, running in 22 schools. The programme has consolidated in 2017 and is running in 20 schools with 105 volunteers.

This unique initiave is a collaboration between a variety of educational NGOs  and other NGO implementing agents. Key partners include Ikamva Youth, FundZa, Olico, Shine, Greenshoots, Number Sense, Beautiful Gate, SALT, RogZ. 

The programme has a dual development focus: educational enrichment for learners, and leadership and employability readiness for volunteers. In this way, the model is characterised by a pay-it-forward approach. We give to volunteers, they give to learners. 

The Yebo volunteer leadership and self-development programme has three core pillars: 
1. A series of three short courses offered at Stellenbosch University. 
2. An Innovation Challenge judged by a prestigious panel of political and industry leaders facilitated by Ernst&Young.  
3. A unique self-development programme designed and facilitated by AVA.
YearBeyond website

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