Over the past 10 years AVA has discovered that volunteering is the perfect tool to gain relevant work experience, expand your network base and learn valuable life lessons that will benefit you in future.

Have a look at what some of our volunteers have to say ...

Chante Nicholas

“This programme gives you the opportunity to look at life from a different perspective. It also allows one to give back to the community and feel proud about what you achieve.”

Chermón Africa

“It gives you the opportunity to see the beauty of giving back and growing while changing lives.”

Tamlyn Boltman

“It’s inspiring to see how by offering myself, the lives of young people are also impacted.”

Yandisa Yengwa

“Volunteering at AVA gives young people a great chance to experience the work environment and many opportunities to explore; it comes with a lot of amazing adventures.”

Unathi Ntlenzi

“Volunteering helped me gain leadership skills while giving back to the community I come from.”

Caren De Mink

“Volunteering makes you more appreciative of life, so many of the people I meet everyday inspire me to be more.”

Tiffany Schouw

“By giving back you learning a lot about yourself, you get so much growth from this experience.”

Jade-Lin Paul

“Volunteering is an amazing experience because you realise that there is so much more to life than the little “bubble” that you are currently living in. You meet people who are so different from yourself and you realise that we are all connected by one thing: humanity. I started volunteering so that I could impact someone’s life, but instead they all impacted mine”

Abigail Davids

“Volunteer to gain experience, leadership skills and grow as person. You learn so many things and at the end of it all, it’s about more than just volunteering for yourself… you become a role model to the kids you tutor.”

Chandré Veldsman

“It’s not about the information, it’s about the transformation. It touches my heart to see the transformation in myself and the young people I get to work with.”

Sisanda Dunga

“Volunteering pushed me out of my comfort zone, I got to know my strengths and weaknesses and be exposed to what’s going on in the world around me.”

Unathi Cweya

“Volunteering has helped me communicate well, and engage myself in a team.”

Ronique Wilson

“Volunteering doesn’t mean it’s for free and you are wasting your time. It’s the platform for change, it helps you grow to become a better person. You get the opportunity to build leadership skills and make a change in our country. To inspire and aspire.”

Shameera Rakiep

“If you looking for a sense of satisfaction by putting a smile on a young person’s face volunteering is for you.”

Monique Pearce

“Make a difference, in your life and touch the lives of others. All it takes is a heart of gold.”

Tia-Ray Petersen

“This programme helps you to gain lots of experience and you get so many opportunities while being in the programme.”

Refilwehape Mofokeng

“Volunteer work is amazing, you get to accomplish and reach what you never have thought you could accomplish. If you want to conquer the world… volunteer.”

Alicia Kelly

“Volunteering really opens doors for you, and you get to know yourself better!”

Anelani Mvubu

“You gain experience, knowledge and skills while getting to help people. Its perfect.”

If you would like to join AVA simply click on the link below to be taken to our online application form. Fill in the application form and click submit, this will be sent directly to an AVA recruitment officer. If you have any questions that aren't answered below in the FAQ, please feel free to email us at info@avafrica.org.za.

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How do I join AVA?

If you would like to join AVA simply fill in the application form and click submit, this will be sent directly to an AVA recruitment officer.

If you would like to you can also email us on info@avafrica.org.za or find us on Facebook

How do I know when I have been accepted?

AVA recruits throughout the year for various programmes.

Once you have sent in an application you will be contacted for an interview and briefing session, if successful you will then be called for a orientation training.

When will I have to start?

Various programmes start at different times of year, for example Year Beyond recruitment takes place October-January annually, and the programme starts in the beginning of February.

Khanyisa recruitment starts in January and the programme starts in April each year.

Each year there are different volunteer programmes that run. Keep following the Action Volunteers Africa Facebook page for updates of new programmes and closing dates.

What if I lost my phone, how will I know I am accepted?

Make sure that you have included a secondary contact number on your application form as well as your email address, if you are unsure if you missed the call you can email us on info@avafrica.org.za.

How will I know what programme I can join?

Each year AVA runs various programmes, when you send in an application, you can indicate which one you are more interested in. All programmes have different criteria depending on where your interests lie, and what marks you have achieved in school.  

Will my marks be good enough?

Make sure that you check the entry requirements, however there are programmes for anyone with a passion for giving back and a willingness to gain experience. YearBeyond recruits need to have at least 50% for Maths and English for your Matric results. You need a matric for the Khanyisa programme and a Grade 11 for Work 4 Progress.

What if I don’t enjoy the experience?

Every experience is what you make of it, how will you know if you do not try? If volunteers are unhappy with anything we are always open to talking about it.

Can I get fired?

If you do something illegal or commit gross forms of misconduct, then it is possible to get fired. 

How will this programme benefit me?

You will gain valuable work experience. Through the people you meet and things you are exposed to your networks will be expanded enabling you to link with opportunities that you may not have been aware of before.

The ongoing training and self-development offered is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you get to make new friends!

Is AVA like a college?

No, AVA is not a college but we are a learning environment.

What does the programme provide?

- Training and self-development

- Access to counselors and social workers

- On the job and working experience

Am I going to waste my time?

It depends on how you approach the opportunity, if you make the most of what is offered to you this can never be a waste of time … Ask yourself what are you doing right now?

Will I find a job afterwards?

Over 80% of AVA alumni have gone on to either find work or study towards their chosen profession, what you put in to the experience is what you get out.

Will I make a difference?

Yes! All AVA volunteers are placed in environments where they get to give back and work in schools or with other NGO’s. If you are giving of yourself in this way you are changing the world.

Will this be exhausting?

It just might be :) But it also might be the most exhilarating experience of your life. At first it may feel draining waking up every morning and going in to your place of work, however if you have passion and commitment it will never feel exhausting!

Will I get paid?

All volunteers are paid a small allowance to assist with transport for the duration of their placement.

Will the learners like me?

We find that many of our volunteers worry about this, but the truth is as long as you have passion and enjoy your work learners will love you.

Does it matter that I don’t understand Afrikaans/Xhosa?

No it does not, as long as you have the ability to communicate in English, language proficiency does not matter.

Will I be safe?

We try our utmost to ensure that all volunteers are safe in their placement. 

Where will I be placed?

Placements depend on your location and ability to travel. All volunteers are notified about placement beforehand and assisted to learn how to manage their placement.

How long can I volunteer for?

Timeframe varies from 6- 12 months depending on the programme.

Do I need any experience?

No, there is no experience required.



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