Contributing to a society where every unemployed young person is empowered to build a sustainable future.


AVA embraces volunteering as a tool to unlock the potential of unemployed youth (18-25 years) by training and placing them in full-time volunteering positions in a variety of contexts. Through these sustained volunteering opportunities, enriched by a unique personal development programme, the volunteers gain experience and are empowered to become economically independent and socially responsible citizens.

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AVA model

The Action Volunteers Africa (AVA) model illustrates volunteering as a key to unlocking the future potential of youth. The AVA experience equips youth with the confidence, skills, experience and networks they need to actively engage in building a better South Africa.

AVA model

AVA annual reports

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AVA history

In 2012 Action Volunteers Africa (AVA) was set up as the CSI initiative of Action Appointments, a well-established NGO recruitment agency. Under the guidance of the Director, Lisa Garson, who has 20+ years of development recruitment experience, AVA became an independent NPO.  

AVA ran a pilot programme in 2013, placing 30 volunteers into a variety of NGOs. Due to the immense success of this intervention, where 90% of the youth progressed to a new opportunity, in 2014 AVA worked with 98 volunteers, again achieving very high progression rates. In 2015 AVA expanded again, running several projects and co-creating, in partnership with the Western Cape government, their flagship YearBeyond gap year programme.

The pilot of the LiteraSEA project was also set up in 2015, in partnership with Shine, Edupeg and AVA.

In a short time AVA has had a great impact on the 300+ young people who have volunteered on our programmes. Over 90% of the youth who have passed through our programmes have managed to secure further opportunities for work or full time study and are firmly on the path towards sustainable careers.

The AVA project has also had a positive impact on the capacity of the partner organisations and schools, allowing them to expand or extend their impact at no extra cost. AVA has played an active role in advocating for the large scale use of volunteering as a means to address our growing youth unemployment.

AVA - Proving volunteering works.

meet the team

Janine Hansen
Executive Director

Shakiera Taliep
Programme Mentor

Babalwa Bobo 
Programme Mentor

Tiffany Schouw
Programme Assistant

Siphamandla Papani
Programme Mentor

Aqeefah Matroos
Programme Mentor

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